ARTELLA provides the delivery of a quality ECG software system as a solution is an unmet market need. Our new customized system, referred to as the “Reporting Engine” includes:

  • A clinician portal with enhanced live telemetry
  • 24-hour alert monitoring by certified technicians
  • Quickly generated patient reports within 24-hours

The hardware includes:

  • A biosensor (patch)
  • A gateway (phone) for transmission of data to the cloud
  • The data is then interpreted by an algorithm for the ECG reporting.

ARTELLA controls all system aspects and maintains elite customer service to provide.

The ARTELLA Reporting Engine accommodates multiple biosensors with differing functions, such as heart, respiration, blood pressure, temperature. Our system allows for future expansion of services outside of MCT.

Menu of Solutions (MoS)

ARTELLA offers an innovative MoS platform which fills unmet business needs for companies in the remote monitoring market and exceeds the expectations of the end-user.

The MoS platform offers services physician associations and IDTFs are seeking:

  • Biosensor agnostic with single and multi-lead capabilities
  • Elite Customer Service platform for increased patient compliance
  • Integrated billing solutions for reimbursement in the complex telemetry market